Epson Champions Responsible Innovation for a Greener Future in the Philippines

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Epson Philippines holds Fusion 15 “The Eco-Connection”, the company’s annual media event, at Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu.

In a world where technology and sustainability are increasingly intertwined, Epson, a global leader in innovative technology, is paving the way forward. The tech giant reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability and announced new initiatives at the Fusion 15 “The Eco-Connection” event, held at Shangri-La Mactan in Cebu from May 15-17.


Sustainability in Every Aspect

At this annual media event, Epson emphasized the importance of forming an “eco-connection,” a concept central to its corporate mission. This eco-connection represents two key elements:

  1. Epson’s unwavering commitment to building a sustainable future, which involves creating eco-efficient products, adopting sustainable practices in operations, and forming impactful partnerships that benefit both people and the planet.
  2. The strong bond between Epson, its partners, and customers as they collaborate to promote sustainability.

Epson integrates sustainability into its day-to-day operations, focusing on reducing waste and emissions in manufacturing and aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Leading the way in the use of solar power, Epson has become the first Japanese manufacturer to transition all its global sites, including its Batangas manufacturing plant, to 100% renewable energy.

“At Epson, we have a philosophy called Sho-Sho-Sei—efficient, compact, and precise,” said Masako Kusama, President and Director of Epson Philippines. “Aligned with our ‘Engineered for Good’ initiative, our core mission is to create products that use less energy and resources throughout their lifecycle.”


Ambitious Goals for the Future

Epson is now working toward becoming carbon negative and underground resource-free by 2050. To achieve this, the company is investing heavily in decarbonization, resource recycling, and environmental technology development, while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout their supply chain.


Partnerships for Sustainable Action

Epson’s commitment to sustainability extends through its partnership with WWF-Philippines. Joint initiatives, such as the educational Panda Talks and the Mangrove Restoration Project, highlight the importance of shared responsibility in caring for the environment.

By fostering strong relationships and prioritizing sustainability in every aspect of its operations, Epson is not just talking about a sustainable future; it is actively building one.


New sustainability initiatives

Epson Philippines discussed its sustainability efforts not only in the company’s products, but also in its operations, and partnership projects.

Looking forward, Epson is thrilled to enhance its partnership with WWF-Philippines through a new project aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the A.T.E. Atelier Sewing-Recycling Art Studio on Siargao Island. This initiative involves providing machinery, constructing infrastructure, and empowering the local community.

Additionally, Epson teased the upcoming local launch of a groundbreaking lineup of business inkjet printers in May of this year.

“These printers are crafted to prioritize eco-consciousness and offer hassle-free solutions for businesses,” explained Thea Austria, Manager for Corporate Printers Group at Epson Philippines’ Product Marketing Division. “With their high-speed printing and scanning capabilities, compact design, and reduced environmental footprint, we anticipate they will revolutionize the printing industry, providing businesses with dependable and efficient printing solutions.”

“At Epson, we’re not merely manufacturing products; we’re constructing a greener tomorrow. As we celebrate 15 years of Fusion, we extend an invitation to everyone to join us in this endeavor,” concluded Kusama. “Together, let’s conserve energy, make sustainable choices, and pave the way for a flourishing future for both humanity and the planet.”

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