Police hunt masked man after nails glued to playground again in village

Police hunt masked man after nails glued to playground again in village
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Police have issued CCTV of a masked man as they probe reports that nails have been glued to children’s play equipment in a quiet, Oxfordshire village for the second time in a month.


Villagers in Marcham Village were left horrified after a three-year-old girl alerted her mother that she found a sharp spike glued to the see-saw in their playground in May.

The toddler was about to be placed in a swing when her parents discovered that nails had also been glued to every other piece of play equipment.

A nail was glued to the swing of the playground
A nail was glued to the swing of the playground (Supplied)

Fears the vandal had struck after another nail was found glued to the toddler cradle swing seats of the newly refurbished playground serving Marcham’s 2,000 residents.


Forensics were seen sweeping the play area for clues after the masked figure was spotted at around 12.30am on Monday June 3.


Police have been knocking looking for doorfront camera footage from neighbours but are yet to identify the suspect.

A nail glued to the village slide
A nail glued to the village slide (Supplied)

One resident, who found the needles the first time, told The Independent: “It’s awful. It was the same day of the week as well. It’s really sad.

“I’ve been back once and really struggled being there since this happened. I used different larks over half term. My eldest took my youngest daughter there on the weekend and they were anxious too. Luckily my youngest doesn’t remember finding the nails the first time.

“People here are definitely more cautious. It’s a shame.”

Another nail in the roundabout
Another nail in the roundabout (Supplied)

Linda Martin, the Marcham parish council clerk, added: “I can confirm that the play area in Marcham has had to be closed owing to nails found this morning, glued to the toddler cradle swing seats. The Police were on site this morning.”

Mark Harvie, the parish council chairman told The Independent: “The visible police presence around the play area has reassured the village somewhat but we are quite shocked that this incident has been repeated.

“Everyone is hoping for a speedy resolution to the investigation.

“The picture has been circulated in and around the village. We are not aware of anyone who has run into him.

“Clearly we would like the play area which is a key component of the village to be a safe area for parents with children to use – that is our goal.

“Hopefully we can get back to normal village life.”

Thames Valley Police issued a notice to local neighbourhood watch groups, adding: “Following an incident in the Marcham area, Thames Valley Police are looking for assistance from the public in identifying the clothing worn by this individual.

“If you have any information about the clothing or who it may belong to, please contact Thames Valley Police quoting reference 43240258219.”

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