‘Fallout’ season 2 is going to New Vegas. How might outer space tie in?

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Fallout has been a massive success. While our expectations were high, Bethesda, Kilter Films, Amazon MGM Studios, and everyone else involved managed to massively exceed them. The show has been renewed for season 2 following record-breaking viewership numbers at Amazon Prime Video, and we’re going to the legendary New Vegas and the Mojave Desert next time.


The show’s story takes place more than 200 years after the Great War of 2077, in which humanity almost wiped itself out. In the year 2296, a young woman named Lucy leaves the safety of her vault to venture out into the irradiated surface — more populated than she ever expected — to find her father, who’s been kidnapped by raiders that somehow broke into Vault 33. This plotline means that the T.V. series is a follow-up, at least chronologically, to all the Fallout games released so far.

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