Pinoy Gen Zs prefer to ‘live fast and retire young,’ says study

Pinoy Gen Zs prefer to live fast and retire young says study
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Pinoy Gen Zs opt to work as much as they can and rthen seek early retirement or “live fast and retire young,” according to a study conducted by a health service provider EJ Gomez reported on “Saksi.”


Many individuals who belong to the Gen Z, who were born between 1997 and 2015, hold more than one job or they accept side hustles or gigs for their future and their retirement according to the study conducted by the PhilCare Wellness Index: An updated ABC of Pinoy Gen X, Y, and Z.

This is different from the preference of Millennials (also known as Generation Y) or those born from 1981 to 1996 and Gen X or those born from 1965 to 1980, whose ideal work is a traditional office setting while planning to set up a business venture later in life or after retirement.

“Actually po, habang tayo ay tumatanda, mas nag stabilize yung ating personality. and it affects openness natin to options,” said Clinical Psychologist Rainer Ladic.


“So, it means to say, the older we are, the more we look for stability,” he added.


There are good points in having just one job, said Ladic.

“Kapag meron na pong stability, or meron na pong routine ang ating ginagawa. Kumbaga it saves energy sa atin,” he also said.


There is nothing wrong in having more than one job, one just always has to remember to watch one’s health.

Earlier, the same study also showed that Gen Zs also opt to work abroad over staying in the country. At least 52 % of Pinoy Gen Zs prefer to work abroad while 48% opt to stay in the country.

They want to experience new culture and personal growth that will also increase their competitiveness and marketability in the global job market.

Gen Zs are considered fully digital native because they grew up in the world of social media and smart phones.

Clinical Psychologist Rainier Ladic explained that since the Gen Zs are one of the generations that have experienced technological advancement, it is easy for them to gather information and to see the kind of life that they can lead outside the country. — BAP, GMA Integrated News


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