How SpaceX’s private Polaris Dawn astronauts will attempt the 1st-ever ‘all-civilian’ spacewalk

a person in a spacesuit exiting a white capsule in space above Earth from what looks like the top of the capsule A barely lit moon is seen in the background
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SpaceX’s most ambitious crewed mission to date is gearing up to launch this summer — it will include the company’s first spacewalk-capable spacesuits and a Crew Dragon capsule with an interior modified for vacuum exposure.


Polaris Dawn is the first of three anticipated missions in the Polaris Program, funded by billionaire philanthropist Jared Isaacman. The endeavor is a follow-up to SpaceX’s Inspiration4 launch that occurred 2021, which flew Isaacman and three other private citizens on the first all-civilian flight to space. Through Inspiration4, Isaacman was able to help raise $250 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, and he hopes to carry that momentum into Polaris Dawn as well as the program’s subsequent missions. 

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