Pelosi evasive on Biden candidacy as Trump teases VP choice at Florida rally: Live updates

Pelosi evasive on Biden candidacy as Trump teases VP choice at Florida rally Live updates
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Trump challenges Biden to second debate… and round of golf

Former speaker Nancy Pelosi gave an evasive answer on Wednesday morning concerning Joe Biden’s future as the Democratic Party’s 2024 candidate.


“I want him to do whatever he decides to do. And that’s the way it is. Whatever he decides we go with,” she told MSNBC, adding that people should “hold off” until after the Nato summit in Washington, DC this week, which the president is hosting.

Biden delivered a forceful speech on Ukraine at the opening of the 75th anniversary of the alliance and will lead the program as well as hold bilateral meetings with leaders including the UK’s newly-elected Sir Keir Starmer.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump held a campaign rally at his Doral golf club in Miami, Florida, largely playing the hits. Still, notably, he challenged Joe Biden to another debate “this week”, as well as a golf game that he claimed would be “bigger than the Ryder Cup or even the Masters”.


What Trump did not do, despite teasing the press that he might, was finally name his running mate, with Florida senator Marco Rubio, one of the key contenders, introducing him on stage and his candidacy alluded to but not confirmed with just six days to go until the Republican National Convention.



When US presidents meet British Prime Ministers for the first time

With President Joe Biden about to meet newly-elected British prime minister Sir Keir Starmer for the first time, here’s a look back at other similar encounters, including the famous hand-holding moment between Donald Trump and Theresa May.

Oliver O’Connell10 July 2024 16:00


Trump jabs at Kamala Harris in Florida rally as he teases own VP pick

Donald Trump is set to make an announcement on who will be his running mate on the Republican ticket any day now — originally saying that it will come before the party convention in Milwaukee next week.

On Tuesday night he further teased who it would be at a rally at Trump National Doral golf club in Florida, as present was Senator Marco Rubio who is based nearby in Miami and seen as one of the leading contenders.

“I think they probably think I’m going to be announcing that Marco is going to be vice president, because that’s a lot of press,” Trump teased the crowd.

Also seen as likely contenders are Senator JD Vance of Ohio and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum.

Trump also turned his focus on current Vice President Kamala Harris.

At his Florida rally, Trump focused on Harris — whose first name he repeatedly mispronounced — more than he typically does in campaign speeches, describing her as a left-wing ally of Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and asserting that she has underperformed as Biden’s vice president. Trump also suggested that Biden would remain in the race because Democrats would rather not run with Harris at the top of their ticket.

“If Joe had picked someone even halfway competent, they would have bounced him from office years ago,” Trump said. “But they can’t, because she’s got to be their second choice.”

Speculation that the possibility of Harris replacing Joe Biden at the top of the ticket might impact Trump’s choice for vice president was dismissed by people who have spoken to the former president, the network reported.

Oliver O’Connell10 July 2024 15:50


Full story: Pelosi gives evasive response on Biden’s future

Gustaf Kilander reports from Washington, DC.

Oliver O’Connell10 July 2024 15:40


MAGA Senate candidate falls for fake Taylor Swift 2024 endorsement

MAGA candidate Royce White fell for a fake Taylor Swift endorsement of President Joe Biden on X in an embarrassing moment that marks the latest gaffe for the controversial Senate hopeful.

Lilith Foster-Collins reports.

Joe Sommerlad10 July 2024 15:30



Watch: Weirder moments of Trump’s Doral speech

Here’s some of the odder moments from Donald Trump’s speech in Doral, Florida, last night — which was on a teleprompter.

The former president seemed to get sidetracked in this story…

What is a “hosp—lee”?

The Supreme Court decision he references here only impacts approximately 30 cases out of more than 1,000 stemming from the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden gave the opening remarks at the NATO Summit to mark 75 years of the alliance.

Oliver O’Connell10 July 2024 15:18


Stormy Daniels thanks fans as GoFundMe page to pay for her legal fees tops $1m

A fundraiser for adult film star Stormy Daniels has surpassed $1m in the first two weeks since its launch.

The GoFundMe page, called “I Stand with Stormy Daniels,” started months after Daniels’ blockbuster testimony in the New York criminal trial, where Trump was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records to conceal a “hush money” payment to the porn star in exchange for her silence about a sexual encounter she alleges they had in July 2006.

Her former manager and friend Dwayne Crawford launched the fundraiser on June 26.

The money raised will go toward paying off the $600,000 in Trump’s legal fees that she owes the former president after a court dismissed her 2018 defamation case against him.

“For over 6 years, I have been fighting to speak the truth… and paying the price for it,” Daniels said in a statement to the page.

“I refused to back down or give a penny for telling the truth. Thank you will never be enough but…THANK YOU!”

Joe Sommerlad10 July 2024 15:00


Watch: Pelosi ‘encouraging’ president to make decision whether or not to run

Oliver O’Connell10 July 2024 14:49


Harris pulls ahead of Biden in Trump match-up – but Clinton beats them both

A new poll shows Vice President Kamala Harris has a better shot than President Joe Biden at defeating Donald Trump in the 2024 election — but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a slight edge on both Democrats.

The poll, conducted by the Democratic firm Bendixen & Amandi, shows Biden slightly behind Trump, 42 per cent to 43 per cent.

Meanwhile, Harris has inched past Trump, 42 to 41 per cent, as Clinton pulls ahead of the former president, 43 per cent to 41 per cent.

While Harris is one of the top alternatives to Biden should he choose to step aside, Clinton hasn’t been seriously discussed as an option so far.

Joe Sommerlad10 July 2024 14:30


Democratic senator says Trump could beat Biden in ‘landslide’

Colorado’s Michael Bennet has admitted that the president could lose to his Republican rival in a November election “landslide.”


Bennet told CNN that reports he told other Democrats from the upper chamber at a caucus lunch on Tuesday that 81-year-old Biden is facing defeat were correct.

And he predicted that a win by Trump, 78, could see Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives and seize the Senate.

Graeme Massie has the this on the first Democratic senator to break ranks and join the six and counting congressmen and women in calling for the president to drop out before it’s too late.

Joe Sommerlad10 July 2024 14:00


Stephen Colbert offers wild reason why JD Vance won’t be Trump VP

Trump will soon reveal who he’s chosen as his running mate for the 2024 presidential campaign after months of speculation – and The Late Show host Stephen Colbert thinks he’s worked out who it won’t be.

The former president has reportedly narrowed his shortlist down to three candidates – Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Ohio Senator JD Vance and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum – with the likes of Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Kristi Noem and Elise Stefanik seemingly no longer in the running.

Vance, the author of the best-selling memoir Hillbilly Elegy and a Trump convert, would appear to be the former president’s starriest option but, according to Colbert, doesn’t stand a chance.

Why? Because of his facial hair.

Joe Sommerlad10 July 2024 13:30

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