Jay Slater search update: Father calls for Interpol help as ‘it would take army 10 years’ to cover Tenerife

Jay Slater search update Father calls for Interpol help as it would take army 10 years to cover Tenerife
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Exploring the isolated Tenerife landscape of Jay Slater’s last known location

Jay Slater’s father has voiced his frustration at the lack of officials assisting the search for his son as he calls for Interpol to take over.


Warren Slater has called for the British authorities and the international criminal police to get involved after the Spanish Police search for the apprentice bricklayer ended on June 30.

He told MailOnline: “We need to, as a full family, do a proper press conference and ask the British authorities to help. He’s a British citizen. Get Interpol involved.

“It’s just us. I haven’t got a team. We need a team to come over here and find out for us what the police are doing and what we need to do.


“Our hands are tied over here, we need experts. How long can you stay here for? It’ll take an army 10 years to cover all this. I’d employ a team of Gurkhas.”


The search for his 19-year-old son has now entered its fourth week. Warren and Jay’s brother Zak are continuing to search near to his last known location in a “treacherous” gorge with a small group of local volunteers.


Quite disappointed’ – Jay’s father on ‘large-scale’ search

On June 29, a search was organised on the island after Guardia Civil officers put out a plea for help to find Jay Slater – but just six people turned up.

The MailOnline has been speaking to Jay’s father, Warren, who was out searching the area the 19-year-old was last seen on Saturday.

Speaking about the lack of people turning up for the earlier search, he told the outlet: “I was quite disappointed last Saturday when they did the search, they said the whole island was going to turn out.

“Let all the big boys do it, the police told me the big, big search was Saturday. We got down in that valley at 2pm and there wasn’t a soul.

“They might have been there I don’t know, they might have been there before me. But I was quite disappointed because I expected every fire engine, ambulance, looky looky man and every prostitute to be looking for him.”

(Sky News)

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‘Sunglasses could be vital clue in hunt for Jay Slater’

Journalist Nick Pisa said he had spoken to a man who had “found a pair of sunglasses” on the gorge, and had handed them in to the police.

Pisa explained to GB News: “I’ve now spoken to an ex-British Army officer who found some sunglasses up there. He was asked not to put them in a plastic bag because of humidity, but to wrap them up in tissue paper, which he did.

“He handed them in and he had to give DNA and his fingerprints. The question is, are they connected to Jay?”

Athena Stavrou10 July 2024 03:30


TikToker searching for Jay Slater who quit because he ‘didn’t feel safe’ in Tenerife ‘didn’t want to fail’

But sick trolls were waiting for Callum Fahim as he touched down in the capital on Thursday after tracking his flight number from his livestreams online.

Mr Fahim said the situation had become “horrific” after he received a terrifying cryptic warning on social media, which read: “Be careful people are going to find you at the airport take extra care. He said he would love to get hold of you.”

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ICYMI: Jay Slater could still be alive surviving off ‘rainwater and plants’, private investigator suggests

A private investigator has urged Jay Slater’s family “not to give up hope” as he suggests he could still be alive drinking “rainwater” and eating “plants”.

Juan García, an army reservist and private investigator, says he has been in touch with Jay Slater’s family and told The Times: “Two weeks is too premature to end the search.


“[Slater] could be alive somewhere — someone can drink from rainwater and eat plants. The family should not give up hope.”

(PA Wire)

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ICYMI: Jay’s family describe ‘treacherous’ terrain search is now focused on

Jay Slater’s family have described the incredibly challenging terrain in which they have resumed the search for the missing 19-year-old in Tenerife.

Jay’s father, brother and uncle were joined by a small group of volunteers on Saturday as they searched a ‘treacherous’ gorge for the apprentice bricklayer.

His uncle, Glen Duncan, described moments where he himself was “just trying to find my own way out to safety,” rather than looking for Jay.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “It’s so easy to get lost down there. There was a group of us and you can’t see anybody. It got to a point where I wasn’t even looking for my nephew, I was just trying to find my own way out to safety.”

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Spanish police not given up hope

The Spanish police have not given up hope in finding Jay Slater alive, over three weeks since the teenager went missing in Tenerife’s Rural de Teno park.

Authorities searched for 13 days before culling the operation on Sunday June 30.

In an update on Tuesday, it says their investigation remains open and several lines of inquiry are being pursued.

It is also worth noting that it had not yet classed Jay as “missing feared dead”.

(Family Handout/LBT Global/PA Wire)

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Jay’s uncle ‘baffled’ by police decisions

Jay Slater’s uncle, who had travelled to Tenerife to help find the teenager, has described his confusion by the decisions made by police on the island.

Glen Duncan said he was “baffled from day one” about why the two men who hosted Jay at their AirBnb before his disappearance were said to have “no relevance” so quickly.

Mr Duncan told the Manchester Evening News: “It baffled me from day one. How can you say they have no relevance when they are two of the last people to see him alive. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t get my head around it.

“It’s like if one of you guys going missing now and letting the rest of you fly home and say we’re not bothered about it. It’s a massive let down.”

The Airbnb Casa Abuela Tina in Masca, Tenerife, where missing British teenager Jay Slater resided prior to his disappearance (James Manning/PA)
The Airbnb Casa Abuela Tina in Masca, Tenerife, where missing British teenager Jay Slater resided prior to his disappearance (James Manning/PA) (PA Wire)

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‘80 per cent’ of valley searched

Jay Slater’s family say they have no searched ‘80 per cent’ of the valley near to the missing teenager’s last known location.

The MEN reported that his brother and father have expanded their search after they scoured the majority of the Valley of Barranco de Juan Lopez, close to the village of Masca.

Firefighters search near to the village of Masca, Tenerife (James Manning/PA)
Firefighters search near to the village of Masca, Tenerife (James Manning/PA) (PA Wire)

Athena Stavrou9 July 2024 19:00


Jay Slater’s family move search back to Tenerife town close to missing teenager’s last known location

The 19-year-old’s father Warren Slater, 58, and brother Zak Slater, 23, were seen scanning the small, mountain village of Santiago del Teide on Monday, as the hunt on the Spanish island entered its fourth week.

The official search has now been called off, with Warren Slater criticising local police and residents alike for not doing more to help his son, an apprentice bricklayer from Lancashire.

My colleagues Tara Cobham and Alex Ross have the full story:

Athena Stavrou9 July 2024 18:00


Partridge hunting season could boost search

A woman local woman in Tenerife has said that the upcoming partridge hunting season could boost the search for Jay Slater.

Jay went missing from the Rural de Teno park near to the village on the morning of June 17.

“There will be different people in the area and a better chance of finding him” a woman in the village of Los Carrizales told Sky News.

Athena Stavrou9 July 2024 17:00

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