Donald Trump challenges ‘crooked’ Biden for golf battle with $1 million charity bet

Donald Trump challenges crooked Biden for golf battle with $1 million charity bet
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Following a heated exchange between the two presidential candidates regarding their golf handicaps, former president Donald Trump has challenged President Biden to a golf match at his Doral course in South Florida. Trump offered to donate $1 million to a charity of Biden’s choice if he were to lose the match.
During a rally at the Blue Monster course in Doral, considered one of the world’s greatest tournament golf courses, Trump said, “I’m also officially challenging crooked Joe to an 18-hole golf match right here on Doral’s Blue Monster, considered one of the greatest tournament golf courses anywhere in the world, one of the great courses of the world.It will be among the most-watched sporting events in history. Maybe bigger than the Ryder Cup or even the Masters.”
Trump even offered to give Biden a 10-stroke advantage per side, which equates to a total of 20 strokes. He added, “And if he wins, I will give the charity of his choice, any charity of his choice, $1 million. And I’ll bet you he doesn’t take the offer.”
In response, Biden’s spokesperson, James Singer, criticised Trump’s recent actions and statements, including his absence from the public eye, inviting fictional serial killers to dinner, praising Project 2025 architect Tom Homan, and challenging the President to a golf match. Singer emphasised that Biden is focused on leading the country and defending the free world, rather than engaging in Trump’s antics.
“Donald Trump hasn’t been seen in public for 12 days, now he’s inviting fictional serial killers to dinner, teasing lil’ Marco Rubio, praising Project 2025 architect Tom Homan, and challenging the President of the United States to golf,” he said.
“We’d challenge Donald Trump to create jobs, but he lost 3 million. We’d challenge Donald Trump to stand up to Putin, but he bent the knee to him. We’d challenge Donald Trump to follow the law, but he breaks it. We’d challenge Donald Trump to not destroy our country, but that’s all his Project 2025 aims to do,” Singer added.
Singer also asserted that “Joe Biden doesn’t have time for Donald Trump’s weird antics – he’s busy leading America and defending the free world. Donald Trump is a liar, a convict, and a fraud only out for himself – par for the course.”
The golf handicap debate originated during the June 27 debate in Atlanta when Trump claimed to have won two club championships and questioned Biden’s ability to drive a ball 50 yards. Biden initially said that he had a six handicap as vice president but later corrected it to an eight. Trump expressed disbelief, calling it “the biggest lie.”
Reigning US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau offered to host the golf match on his YouTube channel to help settle the handicap debate.

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