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Russia has unveiled its new anti-drone robot – and it’s named after Disney character Wall-ECredit: pna hoboctn
Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed the new gadget to battle Ukraine's kamikaze drones



Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed the new gadget to battle Ukraine’s kamikaze dronesCredit: Reuters
Ukraine's drones have caused constant problems for Russia during the two-year-long war


Ukraine’s drones have caused constant problems for Russia during the two-year-long warCredit: Twitter


Putin’s latest toy, however, has been deployed to keep away Ukrainian kamikaze drones wreaking havoc on his forces.

Using electronic warfare blockers, the anti-drone robot will jam aerial drone attacks and protect troops on the ground, Russian state TV said.


Boasting the capacity to disrupt the signal between a drone and its operator, it renders the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) utterly useless.

The robots manufacturer, Rebovets, said the system is capable of producing a dome with a radius of between 820-984ft within which enemy drones will fail, write The Telegraph.

Russia’s use of electronic warfare has been one of its rare technological advantages during the war, with jammers often successfully used to scramble the signals of Ukrainian drones.

Even Ukrainian soldiers, in fact, have conceded that they cannot compete with the resources of their enemies.

Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops previous told The Telegraph of the disadvantage they are at when it comes to facing Russia’s array of electronic warfare systems.

And the introduction of Putin’s new shiny toy could give Russia a slight upper hand on the battlefield.

Footage released onto social media shows the new robot moving across a grassy area as a Russian soldier explains what it is and how it works.

The Russian art of war channel even confirmed on Telegram that the Wall-E machine “successfully passed all tests”, having demonstrated the first domestic tracked platform with a jamming system installed on it.

Dramatic moment Russian tank is blown to smithereens in direct hit from bomb-laden kamikaze drone in Donetsk warzone

Earlier this month, Russian troops were seen testing remote-controlled drone Z-tanks after “running out of crews” to operate armoured vehicles.

Dramatic footage shows a Russian soldier controlling a war tank fitted with a First-Person View (FPV) drone using remote controls.

Coupled with the latest drone technology, these tanks can operate without a crew and blast enemies – just by the touch of a few buttons.

It comes after another of Putin’s tanks was blown to smithereens earlier this week after being blasted by a precise Ukrainian kamikaze drone.

Pieces of the Russian tank can be seen flying through the air after a direct hit caused a giant, fiery mushroom cloud to erupt.

The tyrant was humiliated once more just days earlier when Ukraine launched an overnight kamikaze drone onslaught, sparking an enormous fire on the eve of his recent visit to North Korea.

Kyiv’s forces struck a crucial Russian oil depot not far from the frontline as residents reported hearing five ferocious explosions.

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