LOOK: Kendra Kramer Tries to Voice Joy of “Inside Out 2”

Kendra Kramer Tries to Voice Joy in Inside Out 2
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Kendra Kramer is over the moon as she got the chance to lend her voice for Joy of “Inside Out 2”!


Photo: Kendra Kramer

On Instagram, she proudly shared her memorable experience of trying to voice the well-loved character at Pixar headquarters in California. She even gave a glimpse of the final output, where she did the iconic “Who made the console orange?” scene!

“What an experience to try and voice my favorite character in @disneystudios Inside Out 2, Joy!” she wrote.


Kendra also said it would be a dream for her to land a voice-acting role like that.


“Thank you to Pixar and Disney for giving me a sneak peek into how your movies are meticulously made! ” she added.

In the comments section, her parents, Doug and Chesca Kramer, expressed support for her.


“We all push Kendra to voice a future character! Hahaha! Let’s go Kenny!” Doug replied. Meanwhile, Chesca wrote, “Core memory!”

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Joy was originally voiced by Amy Poehler. “Inside Out” premiered in 2015, which follows the story of a young girl, Riley, who adapts to her family’s relocation from Minnesota to San Francisco as five personified emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness.

“Inside Out 2” transitions to Riley’s teenage years, encountering new emotions: Anxiety, Envy, Ennui, and Embarrassment. It is now showing in Philippine cinemas!


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