Obnoxious ‘rich kid of instagram’ gets arrested on his father’s boat after drunkenly harassing restaurant staff

Obnoxious rich kid of instagram gets arrested on his fathers boat after drunkenly harassing restaurant staff
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An obnoxious ‘rich kid’ has gone viral after a video was shared showing police arresting him on his dad’s boat after his alleged drunken harassing of restaurant staff.


The bodycam footage shows Florida police telling to Luis Barrios, who boasts 43,000 followers on the social media platform, to stop moving a boat that was barrelling down a canal. “Stay right there! You’re going to get charged with a felony if you don’t stop!” an officer can be heard saying.

“Talk to my dad. Talk to my dad,” Barrios can be heard saying in the undated clip.

After the police insisted he needed to dock the boat and that he’s getting arrested, Barrios groaned that the officer had taken him to jail before: “I have anxiety because of you. I’ve been diagnosed with paranoia.”


The officer yells back: “Nobody cares about your TikTok. Nobody cares. You’re a child. Get off the boat.”


“What TikTok dude? I’m going to jail!” Barrios responded.

He later called the officer a “motherf***er” and threatened to “spit in his face.”

“Well there’s your threat to law enforcement,” an officer said, informing Barrios that another charge was added against him.

Police were initially called after staff at the Sunset Grill in Marathon, Florida, reported Barrios and his friends swearing loudly and causing a disturbance by threatening them, according to the YouTuber who posted the video. The suspects left the area in a boat that was reported to police. Officers tracked the boat, and the video starts with them running up to the boat and telling Barrios, who was driving it, to stop.


Eventually, the boat was docked and police handcuffed Barrios in the wild scene. He was escorted to a police car in front of others on the boat – who were also threatened with arrest if they did not follow police commands.

An officer stood over Barrios in the car explaining, “Every single neighbor on this street has called, man.”

Barrios asked why they had complained, to which the officer replied, “the parties, the drinking, the smoking pot, the threatening.”

Officers away from the immediate chaos of the incident were also talking about Barrios. “He’s been a thorn in our side over the past two months. He’s a privileged kid. He comes from a privileged family,” one said.

Neighbors told police that the unnamed father of Barrios is a “hard-working guy” but the teen is a “spoiled brat.”

Luis Barrios mug shot. He was seen in a viral video getting arrested on a boat after police say he drunkenly harrassed restaurant staff.
Luis Barrios mug shot. He was seen in a viral video getting arrested on a boat after police say he drunkenly harrassed restaurant staff. (Monroe County Sheriff’s Office)

The video then cuts to Barrios handcuffed while sitting on a bench in jail. “My dad is f***ing rich!” he yelled at an officer, who responded nonchalantly, “Congratulations.” Barrios then repeatedly threatened to harm the officers near him.


It’s not clear when the video was taken. The Independent has reached out to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office for more information.

However, police records show that Barrios was arrested in March 2023 by Florida Fish and Wildlife. He was arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor, three misdemeanors, including disorderly conduct, and one felony charge of fleeing police in a boat. He was arrested two other times in 2023, both on alcohol-related violations.

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